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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
Single hole wall plate | TechSpirit Inc.
YESA Single hole wall plate
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HDMI Keystone Jack  Female to Female Coupler Adapter CAT-700W | TechSpirit Inc.
All Purpose Blank Wall Plate CAT503-0 | TechSpirit Inc.
YESA AV146G  Banana Binding Post Wall Plate for 1 Speaker | TechSpirit Inc.
RCA coupler Keystone insert - Red insulator CAT513S-RD | TechSpirit Inc.
Dual port decora insert Plate AV-115 | TechSpirit Inc.
PPA Dual port decora insert Plate AV-115
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Buy Keystone Wall Plate from Techspirit

A keystone wall plate is used to install Ethernet and another low-voltage cabling. They are designed to fit into a standard wall plate and offer a convenient and organized way of terminating cables.

What is a Keystone Wall Plate?

A keystone wall plate is a rectangular plate with a series of openings, known as keystones, allowing you to snap in different types of connectors. These connectors are used for Ethernet, HDMI, audio, video, or another low-voltage cabling. Keystone wall plates are available at Techspirit in various configurations, ranging from one to six keystones per plate.

Benefits of Using a Keystone Wall Plate

There are several benefits of using a keystone wall plate.

Terminate cabling : They provide a neat and organized way of terminating cabling. The cables can be routed through the walls or ceiling, terminating at the keystone wall plate. This makes identifying and managing cabling easier by reducing the risk of damage or disorganization.

Easy Customization : Keystone wall plates allow for easy customization. Depending on the specific cabling needs, anyone can choose the appropriate keystone connectors and easily snap them into the wall plate. This means anyone can easily add or remove connectors as needed without re-terminating the entire cable.

Aesthetic Look : Keystone wall plates provide a professional and aesthetically pleasing look. They fit seamlessly into a standard wall plate and provide a clean and tidy finish.

Where to Buy Wall Plate Keystone

Techspirit delivers a wide variety of wall plate keystones from different brands. In addition, we have a larger selection of keystone wall plates and connectors.

Reasons to Buy Keystone Wall Plate from Techspirit

There are several reasons why you should buy a Keystone wall plate from Techspirit:

1. Wide Range of Selection : Techspirit offers a wide selection of Keystone wall plates from various brands, colors, and designs. This means you can find the perfect Keystone wall plate for your needs and preferences.

2. Competitive Prices : Techspirit offers competitive prices for Keystone wall plates, which can help you save money compared to other retailers.

3. Convenient Shopping : With Techspirit, you can shop for Keystone wall plates from your home without traveling to a physical store.

4. Fast Shipping : You can benefit from fast shipping service on many Keystone wall plates with Techspirit. This implies you won't have to wait days or weeks to get your wall plate. Instead, you will get it soon.

5. Reliable Service : Techspirit is a well-established and reliable online retailer with a reputation for excellent customer service. You can contact our service team for assistance if you have issues with your Keystone wall plate purchase.