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High Quality Cables & Connectors in Canada

A conductor or collection of conductors used to transport electricity or telecommunications signals from one location to another is referred to as a cable in electronic or electrical systems. A flexible glass, plastic fiber, or metal, such as copper or aluminum, is used to transfer power or electrical signals. Wherever wire lines need to be connected or detached, connectors are employed. Connectors are utilized in numerous pieces of electrical equipment, just like cables. This is because they offer a great deal of versatility. For instance, once a printed circuit board is put together, it may be swiftly and simply integrated into any device or system with the used connectors.

Different Types of Cables & Connectors

There are numerous distinct types of cables, each with a unique use or application in mind. Among the most typical types are:
  • Power Cables: Electrical signals are sent using power cables with higher voltages and amperages.
  • Fiber-Optic Cables: Unlike conventional cables, fiber-optic cables do not convey electrical impulses. Instead, this kind of wire is employed to transport light. Through glass fibers, these cables serve as a pipe that reflects light along its interior.
  • USB and Lightning Cables: Universal Serial Bus or USB, cables link computers, power sources, and other devices to peripherals like external drives, phones, and printers. Although comparable to USB cables, lightning cables were created explicitly for the latest products. Both allow for the charging and syncing of connected devices.
  • Video & Audio Cables: Transmission of audio and video signals to a device is the main function of video and audio cables. Due to their efficiency in transmitting limited control signals and video and audio signals, HDMI cables are a common AV cable option. The most common way to connect gadgets to a TV or display is through an HDMI connection. Another common AV cable option is DVI, which offers a high-speed digital connection for visual data.

In addition, some cables are designated according to their particular use, which is known as a heavy-duty that typically signifies that it has a higher ampacity. There are numerous connectors as well. The type of connection required will vary depending on the cable type and device to which it will be connected.

However, if you are looking for cables & connectors Canada products, Techspirit provides the following products.

  • 4K UHD 2.0 Premium & 1080P High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet PRO2086BK
  • Toslink to Toslink Optical Cable 4mm OD
  • 8K@60Hz,48Gbps UHD 2.1 Premium HDMI Cables PRO2090S2M (2meter)
  • SYNCWIRE Audio Cable RCA Female to 2x RCA Male Plug (0.20M)
  • Hi-Speed HDMI 15ft. with Ethernet Premium Cable (HDMI-140-15K)
  • Hi-Speed HDMI 10ft. with Ethernet Premium Cable (HDMI-140-10K)
  • Insignia NS-HZ313-C 0.91m (3 ft.) Digital to Analog Audio Converter Cable (Open Box)
  • Digital to Analog Audio Converter DAC Converter Digital SPDIF Toslink Coaxial to Analog RCA L/R 3.5mm Jack Stereo Audio Adapter