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Say hi to the latest video doorbell to monitor who’s at your doorstep to enhance the security of your family.


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Foscam VD1 4MP Dual-Band Wi-Fi Video Doorbell with Face Detection | TechSpirit Inc.Foscam VD1 4MP Dual-Band Wi-Fi Video Doorbell with Face Detection | TechSpirit Inc.
Foscam Foscam VD1 4MP Dual-Band Wi-Fi Video Doorbell with Face Detection
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Buy the Best Video Doorbells in Canada from Techspirit

With the prevalence of criminal activity, it is not uncommon for someone to impersonate someone you know to gain access to your home. This is why installing a video door phone has become increasingly important. By buying video doorbells from Techspirit, you can confirm the identity of the person at your door and engage in conversation with them to determine whether or not you trust them enough to allow them entry into your home.

Introducing the wifi enabled video doorbell, a cutting-edge solution to enhance the security of your home. With this device, you can easily communicate with anyone who comes to your doorstep from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The doorbell features a high-quality 1080p camera and two-way audio, ensuring clear visuals and crisp sound.

The wifi enabled video doorbell has a durable design that can withstand different weather conditions, ensuring the security of your home remains intact regardless of the weather. It comes with an upgraded version with a removable battery pack, making it convenient to recharge. Additionally, it will be connected to your existing doorbell through hardwiring. With its 160˚ HD video feature, you can monitor more than just your doorstep.

Benefits of Using Video Doorbells in Canada

Anywhere Monitoring of Your Residence

You will easily connect to your home whether you are sitting next door or halfway around the clock with just a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, with the two-way audio feature, you can feel at ease knowing you can see and speak with anyone at your door.

Keep the Security of Your House at Your Fingertips

Using an advanced home security system, you can take proactive measures to safeguard your home and prevent any potential nuisance. Rather than relying on traditional security methods, it allows you to create the illusion that someone is home even when you are away, deterring potential intruders and providing peace of mind with just a few simple taps on your mobile device.

Advanced Motion Detection

The wifi enabled video doorbell comes with highly advanced motion detection sensors that immediately send notifications to your connected devices upon detecting any motion in your property, allowing you to monitor your home easily. With its impressive 160˚ HD camera, you can have a clear view of any activity happening around your house while you are away enjoying your day at the beach.

Easy Installation

Installing a video doorbell is an easy process. You can either hardwire it to your existing doorbell or attach it to the automatic hardware. Mounting and syncing the doorbell to wifi is a breeze. It can be done in just a few minutes without the need for professional assistance or specialized tools, with the automatic hardware included with the product.