Save Your Space with a Ceiling TV Mount

Creating a unique viewing experience while saving space in a room with a ceiling TV mount.


Ceiling TV Mount

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
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Brateck PLB-CE946-02S TELESCOPIC FULL-MOTION TV CEILING MOUNT For most 37"-70" LED, LCD flat panel TVs | TechSpirit Inc.Brateck PLB-CE946-02S TELESCOPIC FULL-MOTION TV CEILING MOUNT For most 37"-70" LED, LCD flat panel TVs | TechSpirit Inc.
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Speedex Heavy-duty Ceiling Mount for 37"-80" Tvs - PLB-CE1046-01 | TechSpirit Inc.

Buy Ceiling TV Mount in Canada from Techspirit

Mounting a TV in a hard-to-reach spot or a location without studs in the wall can be challenging, but with a ceiling TV mount, you can easily hang your TV in almost any place. Our selection includes a range of designs, including removable TV mounts that allow you to detach the display from the bracket without uninstalling the mount from the wall, providing maximum flexibility. Additionally, many locking TV mount models secure your collection in place and prevent theft, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like conferences and trade shows. Choose from our extensive range of specialty mounts to find the perfect solution for your unique mounting needs.

Functions of TV Ceiling Mount

At Techspirit, we take pride in providing products that improve the quality of our customers' lives by fulfilling their specific needs. Our mount collection offers ergonomic design and adjustability to help customers mount displays wherever they want without causing discomfort. For example, our TV ceiling mount secures the television above the mantle while allowing viewers to adjust the viewing angle, reducing the need to strain their necks. We also offer other mounts to enable customers to create unique displays in any space. We have the perfect mounting solution for your home office or any additional space to fit your needs.

Features of Ceiling TV Mount

1. Adjustable Height

The TV mount has a telescopic pole that allows you to hang your display at a customized distance from the ceiling, making it suitable for various heights. The steel pole is adjustable and can expand from 1060 to 1560 mm (42 inches to 61 inches), offering a total lift or height extension of 500 mm (19.7 inches).

2. Swivels According to Your Ceiling

The TV can be adjusted to match different types of ceilings, such as sloped ceilings with an angle of up to 60 degrees and pitched or flat ceilings to ensure level viewing.

3. Viewable in All Directions

You can create a comfortable viewing angle for your TV by adjusting its tilt up to 25 degrees, allowing your audience a better viewing experience. The full-motion mount lets you swivel the display around the pole up to 180 degrees in both directions without requiring any tools.

4. Hook-and-Mount Design

First, attach the vertical brackets with hooks to the back of the TV to install your TV onto a ceiling mount. Then, hang the TV securely onto the mount. The mount has preset leveling adjustments to ensure the TV is positioned optimally after being hung.