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Sometimes, people want to rearrange their living space or redecorate their walls. In such cases, removing the TV from the wall mount gives you the flexibility to reposition it in a different location or change the orientation. So, if you have decided to remove your wall-mounted TV, consider enlisting some help as a favour. While it is feasible to dismount a TV by yourself, having an extra set of hands will be greatly appreciated.

Before starting to dismount your TV, it is important to have a few additional items prepared. First, alongside a friend, ensure you have a stable and level surface where you can place the television safely. Covering the surface with a soft cloth is recommended for added protection. Additionally, gather the tools specific to your TV mount, such as the appropriate screwdriver or any provided keys required to release safe locks, if applicable.

Once you have equipped yourself with all the necessary equipment, you are prepared to proceed with the following actions:

1. Unplug Wiring

Ensure that no concealed cables are still connected, as they can become entangled, impeding the maneuverability of the TV or making it impossible to detach from the wall. In addition, it is crucial to cautiously unplug the wires to avoid unintentional harm to the television or its accompanying accessories.

2. Turn It a Little

If you find lifting the television by yourself difficult, you can request assistance from our Techspirit technicians, trained to handle the hefty lifting. However, if you attempt to lift the TV yourself and it does not come out easily, it likely has security locks. In such a situation, please proceed to the following steps.

  • Pop and Unlock

Several common types of protection mechanisms are designed to secure your television firmly. Among the most common options is the screw lock, typically positioned at the lowermost of the TV with screws facing upward; Bar Lock, which slides horizontally behind television; and Pull-String Lock, opened simply by pulling down on each string; they are often found on whichever side of the television.

If you do not have access to the wall mount guide, you must investigate to determine the type of lock used. Having assistance during the process of opening the lock is highly beneficial. If the lock is a pull-string lock, handlers can hold the TV from different sides, keeping it steady while you open it from whatever side. You can ensure that the TV is firmly in place while your friend unlocks the wall mount for screw locks or bar locks.

3. Big Dismount

After confirming that the area around the TV is safe, it is time to execute the major dismount. Ideally, your partner is still present and has not left. Together, grasp one end of the TV each and gradually elevate the television, aiming to lift it over the mount and detach it.

Ensure that you are adequately positioned to securely hold your TV set once it has been removed from the wall mount and you are providing support. Once you have a firm grip on the television, gently place it on the designated cloth to prevent scratches on the screen.

4. Unscrew Mount from TV

Simply unscrew the four screws securing the bracket to remove the wall mount from the back of the television. This is a standard configuration used by most wall mounts.

5. Remove Wall Mount

If you plan to paint a TV wall or upgrade to a new wall mount, you can easily complete this step without delay. But first, utilize tools to remove the wall mount in a similar manner as you did when detaching it from the backside of the TV.

If you have no intention of repairing the wall, it is advisable to handle this task with caution, taking care not to cause additional scuffs or damage to the wall.

Call Our Experts

If you find yourself without assistance, wish to avoid physical strain, or are concerned about potential damage to your wall, it is advisable to rely on the expertise of professionals. This is where Techspirit can assist you. Our specialization lies in TV wall mounts installation , and our highly skilled technicians are available to promptly dismount your TV at your convenience. By taking convenient consultation regarding how to remove tv from wall mount, you can expect our expert to arrive swiftly and complete the TV dismounting process efficiently.

Tv wall mount

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