How to Choose the Perfect TV Mount for Your Home - Step-by-Step Guide

TV mounts are very popular among those people who want to set up their new TV system. They find these mounts useful because of the features to save space, better room appearance, secure children and pets, different viewing angles, etc. But when you buy a mount, ensure that you get the ideal TV wall mount for your requirement. If this is your first time going through this process, choose one that best suits your house, display, and layout. Here's some advice on how to choose a perfect TV wall mount.

Mostly there are different factors to consider while choosing a wall mount. Including:

  1. Wall Type 
  2. TV Mount Types Bracket Size 
  3. Installation Ease
  4. Quality
  5. Customer Reviews
  1. Wall Type 

Whether or not the wall can support a TV is one of the key concerns when hanging a television. First, fasten the wall mount to the drywall's hidden wooden studs. These studs are part of the wall structure, sufficient to bear a television's weight. 

The best mounts have a tiny stud finder to discover the studs concealed behind the drywall. A stud finder can find the nails holding up wall studs. Make sure your wall should be firm so that it should be easy for you to attach the wall mount with a better grip. 

  1. TV Mount Types 

Types of TV mount relies on how your room is organized, where you want to hang the TV, and where you plan to sit. Some of the types of TV mounts are as follows: 

Several things will vary depending upon the requirement of your TV and wall, such as how far articulation mounts could rotate according to your sitting preferences. But if you purchase a wall mount appropriate for your TV, it should deliver as much value as advertised.

  1. Bracket Size

There are multiple VESA pattern sizes available for TV mount. But you should buy a TV mount that delivers the exact function for the size of your television. 

The most popular standards for televisions up to 32 inches are: 

  • VESA 200 x 200 
  • VESA 400 x 400
  • VESA 600 x 400 

While ordering online or in the product description section of the handbook, you can find the VESA information while ordering online or in the manual. If you can't find the required information, you can manually measure your TV to know the correct size. Find the four holes on the TV's backside and measure millimeters from the horizontal distance between the holes.  

  1. Installation Ease

The best TV wall mounts come with comprehensive installation instructions and all necessary hardware. Regardless of size or model, you prefer models with all the bolts and nuts you need to hang your TV. Some kits also come with a level and stud finder to locate the bracket's location on the wall. In addition, the paper template saves time and prevents needless holes in the wall.   

  1. Quality 

Most TV wall mounts are made of steel and can support 100 pounds of TV weight. The wall mount is considered best from its installation perspective. Ensure that the bracket will securely be fastened to the studs in the wall for safe functioning. 

  1. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews offer essential information on how well TV wall mounts work. You should choose TV wall mounts based on a high percentage of positive reviews, but also remember to examine the unfavorable reviews to get an actual perspective. 


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