Best LG TV to Buy in 2024

LG has undoubtedly established itself as a leading brand in the market. LG TVs are a top choice for many consumers due to their innovative technology, stunning displays, and advanced features. In this article, we will explore the best LG TVs available in 2024 and discuss the factors to consider when choosing the perfect LG TV for your needs.

The Best LG TVs

Here is a list of the best LG TVs available:

1. LG OLED65C2PUA 65" 4K UHD HDR OLED webOS Evo ThinQ AI Smart TV

Dimensions Screen Type Refresh Rate HDMI ports Screen Size
1441 x 826 x 45.1 4K OLED 120 Hz 2 65 inches

The LG OLED65C2PUA TV shows sharp and detailed pictures. Its cutting-edge OLED technology offers unparalleled picture quality and vibrant colours. Its 65-inch screen and 4K UHD resolution provide an immersive viewing experience. The webOS Evo platform and ThinQ AI ensure seamless navigation and convenient voice control.

2. LG 50" UQ7570PUJ series LED 4K UHD Smart TV 50UQ7570PUJ

Dimensions Screen Type Refresh Rate HDMI ports Screen Size
44 x 30.1 x 5.8 LED 60 Hz 2 50 inches

If you want a more compact option, the LG 50UQ7570PUJ is an excellent choice with its 50-inch LED display. It supports 4K UHD resolution and delivers clear and detailed images. The smart TV capabilities allow you to access a wide range of apps and streaming services.

3. LG 70" Class UQ9000 LED 4K UHD Smart webOS 22 w/ ThinQ AI TV, 70UQ9000

Dimensions Screen Type Refresh Rate HDMI ports Screen Size
61.5 Inches (H) x 42.1 Inches (W) x 7.4 Inches (D) 4k Ultra HD 60 Hz 2 70 inches

You can create a cinematic experience in your living room with its large 70-inch screen. The UQ9000 series offers exceptional colour accuracy and enhanced brightness levels. Powered by webOS 22 and ThinQ AI, this TV provides a user-friendly interface and smart home integration.

4. LG 75" 4K UHD HDR LED webOS Smart TV (75UQ7590PUB)

Dimensions Screen Type Refresh Rate HDMI ports Screen Size
1678 Inches (H) x 1027 Inches (W) x 361 Inches (D). 4k UHD 60 Hz 3 75 inches

For those seeking a bigger display, the LG 75" 4K UHD HDR LED is a perfect choice. This TV delivers stunning visuals with its 4K UHD resolution. The HDR technology enhances the dynamic range and adds depth to the picture. The webOS operating system provides access to your favourite streaming apps to stream movie shows and enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

5. LG 65" G2 4K UHD HDR OLED webOS Evo Gallery Smart TV

Dimensions Screen Type Refresh Rate HDMI ports Screen Size
1441 Inches (H) x 821 Inches (W) x 24.3 Inches (D) 4 K OLED 120 Hz 4 65 inches

The LG G2 is a unique TV that combines advanced picture quality with a sleek and elegant design. Its 65-inch OLED display produces deep blacks and vibrant colours. With the gallery mode, you can turn your TV into a work of art when not used.

6. LG 65" 4K Smart UHD NanoCell TV w/ AI ThinQ®65NANO90UNA

Dimensions Screen Type Refresh Rate HDMI ports Screen Size
57.32 Inches (H) x 33.07 Inches (W) x 2.78 Inches (D). 4K Nano Cell 120 Hz 2 65 inches

The LG 65NANO90UNA features NanoCell technology, which ensures rich and accurate colours. Its 4K UHD resolution and 65-inch screen size offer an immersive viewing experience. With AI ThinQ, you can control your TV and other compatible smart devices using voice commands.

How do you choose the best LG TV?

The following factors should be kept in mind before choosing the best LG TV:

  1. Size : Consider the size of the TV based on your viewing distance and the available space in your room. Larger screens provide a more immersive experience, while smaller screens are suitable for compact spaces.
  2. HDR Capabilities : Look for LG TVs that support High Dynamic Range(HDR) technology to enhance the colour and contrast of the displayed content. HDR provides a more realistic and vibrant picture quality.
  3. Audio : Pay attention to the audio capabilities of the LG TV. Look for features like Dolby Atmos or built-in speakers that deliver clear and immersive sound.
  4. Price : Set a budget and consider the price of the LG TV models within that range. Take into account the features, technology, and screen size to get the best value for your money.
  5. HDMI and Connections : Check the number and types of HDMI ports available on the LG TV for connecting devices like gaming consoles, soundbars or streaming devices. Additionally, consider other connection options such as USB ports, Ethernet, and WI-FI for versatile connectivity.
  6. Refresh Rate : The refresh rate determines how smoothly the TV can display fast-paced content. Higher refresh rate results in smoother motion, making them suitable for sports or action-packed movies.

Why Should You Buy an LG TV?

LG is a well-established brand known for high-quality electronics. LG TVs have exceptional picture quality, innovative technology, and user-friendly interfaces.

Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing an LG TV:

  • LG TVs use advanced display technologies like OLED and NanoCell, providing vibrant colours, deep blacks, and excellent contrast ratios.
  • LG TVs are known for sleek and modern designs and are generally reliable with good warranty support.
  • The webOS platform offers a seamless and intuitive interface for easy navigation and access to various streaming services.
  • LG ThinQ AI enables voice control and smart home integration, making your TV an integral part of your connected home.
  • LG delivers reliable and durable products, ensuring a long lifespan for your TV investment.

Final Thoughts

With LG's commitment to pushing the boundaries of TV technology, choosing the best LG TV in 2024 becomes an exciting task. The LG OLED65C2PUA, LG 50UQ7570PUJ, LG 70UQ9000, LG 75UQ7590PUB, LG 70NANO75UQA, LG G2, and LG 65NANO90UNA are all outstanding options, offering different features and sizes to cater to various preferences. Focus on size, HDR capabilities, audio, price, connections, and refresh rate when selecting the perfect LG TV. With an LG TV, you can elevate your home entertainment experience and enjoy stunning visuals within the comfort of your own space.

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