Best Budget TV To Buy In 2023
If you're looking to buy the best budget TV in 2023 with both quality and advanced features, we've got you covered. Our guide explores the top TV brands and their display technology and screen resolutions so that you can make an informed decision. The best budget TV perfectly balances price, performance, and features, ensuring no compromise on quality.

Factors to consider for the best budget TV

  • Understanding the different display technologies, such as LCD, LED and OLED, is necessary to make a good decision.
  • Right screen resolution is essential for an immersive viewing experience as the resolution of a TV determines the level of clarity in the visuals. 4k Ultra HD resolution provides four times the number of pixels compared to full HD resolution.
  • Assessing additional features like smart capabilities, built-in streaming apps, and connectivity options will allow one to find the best budget smart TV.
  • Research and compare the different brands that offer budget-friendly TV, which will help to identify which brand aligns with your requirement and budget.
Finding the best affordable TV brand can be difficult. However, based on customer reviews and industry experts, a few best budget brands include LG, TCL, and Hisense. These brands deliver exceptional value for money. Consider the following factors while deciding the best TV brand within your budget:
  • Reputation
  • Customer service
  • Warranty
  • Reliability

The 3 Best Budget TVs at Techspirit:

1. LG 43" Class 4K UHD Smart LED TV - 43UQ7590 PUB


Dimensions Screen Type Refresh Rate HDMI ports Screen Size Weight
22.2 Inches (H) x 38.1 Inches (W) x 2.2 Inches (D). LED 60 Hz 2 42.5 inches 19.4 Pounds

Reasons To Buy

LG has been a long-standing player in the TV market, offering impressive picture quality with LG UHD’s 4K resolution. This TV is with utmost clarity with realistic colour and precise image detailing. The WebOS operating system provides access to various entertainment apps to stream movies, shows and more. LG 4K UHD Smart LED TV is the best budget smart TV with a reasonable price of $359.99. It has free access to programming on over 300+ LG channels. It works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Homekit.  It has a dynamic tone mapping and filmmaker mode. It is engineered to amaze you by transforming your regular content into 4K for sharper definitions on your screen.

2. Hisense 55A6GV 55"UHD 4K VIDAA Smart TV (A6 Series)


Dimensions Screen Type Refresh Rate HDMI ports Screen Size Weight
48.5 × 28.0 × 2.9 inches LCD 120Hz 3 54.6 inches 25.4 lbs

Reasons To Buy

Hisense 55A6GV 55"UHD 4K VIDAA Smart TV shows sharp and detailed pictures for better picture quality. It has four times better pixels than standard high-definition TV. It opens hundreds of apps at your disposal, showing your favorite TV shows, movies, and games. Alexa controls Hisense UHD 4K VIDAA Smart TV and allows you to enjoy the multi-dimensional sound, regardless of the room size, layout or speaker configuration. For game lovers, game mode reduces input lag and can drop to as little as 16ms*.  It has an expanded range between the brightest and darkest parts on the screen, giving you a lively picture with Dolby Vision support. You can connect external devices to your TV with USB slots, double-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Hisense 55A6GV has an affordable price of $399.99 for the 55-inch model. It is the best budget TV for small rooms.

3. TCL 55" 4-Series 4K UHD HDR LED Smart Google TV 55S446-CA


Dimensions Screen Type Refresh Rate HDMI ports Screen Size Weight
8.4D x 123.7W x 71.9H LED 60 Hz 3 55 inches 24.7 lbs

Reasons To Buy

TCL 4-Series Smart Google TV comes with 4K Ultra HD picture quality. Experience lifelike entertainment with 4k HDR pictures, rich sound, bright and accurate colors with TCL 4-Series Smart Google TV. TCL 4-Series Smart Google TV is the best budget smart TV with a reasonable price of $349.99. Tune into live shows and watchlist and watch anything of your interest. Google Assistant built into this TV is more helpful. Code cutters can access free over-the-air HD content with advanced digital TV tuners. Watch live TV from popular cable replacements like YouTube, sling, Hulu and many more. TCL models offer excellent picture quality, smart capabilities and affordability.


To select the best budget TV in 2023, it is essential to carefully analyze different aspects, including display technology, screen resolution, and the reputation of various brands. Making an informed decision requires balancing performance, features, and cost. You may confidently select the best cheap TV that aligns with your preferences and price range. Prepare yourself to watch and enjoy your favorite movies and shows in style and on a budget!

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