Panasonic Single Cordless Telephone - KX-TGB310

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Intelligent eco mode

This feature automatically reduces handset power consumption by suppressing handset transmission power when the handset is close to the base unit.

Handset clarity booster

This feature can improve sound clarity when the handset is used in an area where there may be interference. During an outside call, this feature is turned on automatically when necessary.


You can add 50 names and phone numbers to the phonebook, and assign each phonebook entry to the desired group.

Chain dial

This feature allows you to dial phone numbers in the phonebook while you are on a call. This feature can be used, for example, to dial a calling card access number or bank account PIN that you have stored in the phonebook, without having to dial manually.

Speed dial

You can assign 1 phone number to each of the dial keys (1 to 9) on the handset.


An alarm sounds at the set time for 3 minutes once or daily. Alarm can be set for each handset.

Night mode

Night mode allows you to select a period of time during which the handset and/or base unit will not ring for outside calls. This feature is useful for time periods when you do not want to be disturbed, for example, while sleeping. Night mode can be set for each unit.

Call block

This feature allows the unit to reject calls when:

  • The unit receives a call from a phone number stored in the call block list as unwanted.
  • The unit receives a call without phone number.

Changing the handset name

Each handset can be given a customized name (“Bob”, “Kitchen”, etc.). This is useful when you make intercom calls between handsets.

Caller ID features

When an outside call is being received, the caller information is displayed. Caller information for the last 50 callers is logged in the caller list from the most recent call to the oldest. This unit is Caller ID compatible. To use Caller ID features, you must subscribe to a Caller ID service. Contact your phone service provider for details.

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